Why do you need a podcast assistant?

If there’s anything we’ve learned this year it’s that podcast is the keyword of 2019. This hot new trend has hundreds of thousands of creators hooked, resulting in over 29 million episodes. Impressive!

Getting the chance to chat about your favorite topics is pretty awesome, and somewhat therapeutic, but does the very process of creating and running a podcast make you want to cry your eyes out? Very likely!

With setting up your podcast, guest searching and contacting, note making and script writing, podcasting can turn into a full-time job.

Remember, just because we don’t see all the work creators do behind the scenes, it doesn’t make the process is any less time consuming. On the contrary!

Especially if you intend to use your podcast as a marketing instrument for your business, and doing it on top of your actual work, you might benefit from some help.

What is a podcast assistant? And what are some of the things you can outsource to them, and not feel guilty about it? 

Who are podcast assistants?

Podcast assistants are professionals specialized in podcasting. They make sure running your podcast is as smooth as butter. Having a podcast assistant makes you prep for your show better and focus only on putting your best performance while recording.

What does a podcast assistant do?

And what can they do for YOU?

Podcast assistants do more than just basic research and social media scheduling. They offer a variety of services:

  • Research: Podcast assistants research the topics your podcast can cover, as well as which guests would be ideal to interview for your show. If you are the one doing all the talking, they can research the stories you can discuss. In case you are on the lookout for a voiceover professional to do your intro and outro, they can research that, too.
  • Communication and engagement: No need for you to call, chat, and go back and forth with your guests when you have an assistant to do that for you. They can book, brief, collect bio and headshots of your guests for you. Same goes for the community. If your assistant can mimic your tone and style of communicating, then they can do the community building on your behalf.
  • Scheduling and booking: Scheduling and booking guests and social media posts has never been easier with the help of a skillful podcast assistant.
  • Brainstorming: This one is unjustifiably neglected. Think about it. Other than your mother, your podcast assistant is probably the only person that has listened to ALL your episodes. If they handle social and community aspect of your podcast, then they have the audience input, too. It’s a no-brainer why they make for the perfect person to give you feedback and point out the changes you can implement.
  • Writing: Scripts for the episodes, commercials; social media post and marketing materials are something you can outsource to a podcast assistant talented in writing.
  • Management: Dedicated podcast assistant can take on much more than scheduling and booking. If management is their forte, they can manage the following:
    • Podcast
    • Social media
    • Community & Engagement
    • Sponsorship deals
    • Branding
    • Product positioning
    • Events, products, and services
  • Audio: Creating intro and outro for your show is made easier with podcast assistants. When your reach the stage to do sponsored messaging, a podcast assistant would be the perfect choice to help you create a custom jingle.
  • Transcription: Transcription plays a big part of your podcast. If your questions and interviews are SEO optimized, it will be easier for your audience to find you. Podcast assistants turn your spoken word into a written word.
  • Editing: If you are great with recording and love podcasting, but hate the time spent on editing, perhaps you should consider outsourcing it. A podcast assistant can edit both audio and video materials for your podcast.
  • Content: Web content, quotable images, blogs, videos, episode images, and audiograms are a fun way to promote your podcast on socials. It is something that a podcast assistant can help you create.
  • Marketing and branding: The right podcast assistant can be of great help to your marketing team, and also deliver and distribute your brand messaging

How can a podcast assistant save you time AND money?

Imagine this. You are now finally a podcaster. After spending endless hours of finding guests, and going back and forth to schedule recording with them, you finally recorded the episode. Now all you have to do is spend another eternity to learn how to use the editing tools.

Podcast assistants already have the ins and outs of editing, and all the needed software to make it happen. So not only are you saving your precious time on learning how to edit to do things that matter more, but you are also saving money because you don’t need to make software purchase, as that is something that a podcast assistant already possesses.

If this sounds like a lot of work, contact podcast assistance and see how we can help you take your podcast to the next level.