About us

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My name is Maya and I am the founder of Podcast Assistance.

We help podcasters run their podcasts better!

We are a boutique agency consisting of 6 professionals willing to help you with all aspects of your podcasting journey.

I have spent the last decade learning and doing marketing, strategy, social, personal branding, events and influencer management, web development and more. I was lucky enough to have worked with some amazing companies, individuals, and startups. Now it’s time to help you achieve your podcasting goals.

My job is managing the company, doing strategy, marketing and communications, and my colleagues do design, animation, audio engineering and editing, show notes and copywriting, and video editing for podcasts that also have video presentation.

My love for podcasts is evergrowing, and my heart is set to help you have your voice heard.

If you are brand new, or you already have a podcast but could use a little help from a friend, don’t hesitate to get in touch. My team  and I will be happy to assist.

Save time by letting us take care of the complicated and time-consuming stuff, and focus on what you love!