Amidst the global pandemic due to the spread of COVID-19, there has been a major shift in how we live our lives. Our daily routines and habits have changed, and with everything coming to a still, podcast industry is suffering too.

It is reported that a large number of podcast producers have had to either postpone or completely cease production. Likewise, with no commute and added pressure of working from home with other family members, number of podcast downloads have dropped, too.

This raises the question whether one should even bother starting or continue podcasting. Here’s a few things to consider.

“It’s now or never”

I’ve recently read a quote online stating something along the line of if you don’t come out of the quarantine with a new skill that it wasn’t the lack of time that kept you from gaining it in the first place, but lack of determination.

Though it may be true for some, it may not be everyone’s reality. Many people are locked in with their significant others and kids, so working while staying at home is now more time consuming than ever.

However, if you do have some spare time on your hands, there is absolutely no better time than now to at least try podcasting. Whether it’s business related or personal, your new podcast can help you understand the medium that is podcast much better, help you get your message across and gain a new skill, too.

And for those who already have a podcast and debate whether they should keep going these next couple of paragraphs are for you.

“This too shall pass”

Like any other crisis, this one will be over at some point. But what you certainly don’t want to do is stop producing podcast episodes, and resume once life goes back to normal. By doing that you risk losing listeners and being forgotten about.


Remaining your regular schedule and frequency is now more important than ever. Consistency through rough times tells two things about you as a host and a human. First, that listeners can count on you as someone who is there for them even when everything else is rapidly changing. Secondly, it shows that you care about your listeners and community you created. That is what will make or break your podcast success in the long run. Always strive for consistency.

Solo episodes

Significant number of podcasts are in the form of an interview. However, having in mind the circumstances and possible unavailability of the guest to take part in your show, you might want to try and record a solo session. Don’t let that dishearten you. Think of it as a great opportunity to share your story, update your listeners on your current goals, passions, struggles, etc.

Record remotely

The struggle of those who rent studios to record their podcast is real. Social distancing and stay-at-home orders deprive podcasters of their usual settings and set up. However, with the help of decent equipment and online tools, now you can record your podcast remotely from the comfort of your home. The equipment you use doesn’t have to be expensive, but a decent microphone that provides a clear audio can go a long way. Audio, check! (Video, check!) Press record!

Repurpose content

These times are challenging, and not everyone can keep up with the pace. So when life gets in the way, and prevents you from recording, don’t just skip posting on social because you have no fresh content. It is perfectly fine to repurpose your old content, too. Now, consider this something you can do every once in a while, because listeners might be bored with it as they expect new content.

But one of the things you can do is take a snippet out of one of your episodes, and turn it into a quote or a little video. With this throwback you can recapitulate important moments from your show that might have gone unnoticed.

I know that every industry has been impacted by this crisis, but don’t give up and keep podcasting on. Would love to see photos of your remote setups, so tag us on Instagram at @podcastassistance to get featured in our stories! Likewise, if you need any assistance check our blog section for more text, or visit our pricing page to get more info on our packages.

Stay safe,
Happy podcasting,