As I was writing this text on a cold and rainy Thursday morning (not used to romanticise the text, it really was #hotgirlsummer gone #hotgirlautumn), a Pink Floyd song came on the radio. Yes, I’m old school, and you better believe I still listen to it (cue Radio). 

Tried to persuade you to start a podcast, but the text I was writing seemed a bit generic to me. So I thought, why not spice it up a bit like pumpkin spiced latte,  and remind you of some good old music? Sounds good? Let’s dive in. 

What’s the deal with podcasts? 

I can give you an Oxford definition of it but, simply put, it is a series of digital audio episodes available on different platforms that you can download and listen to at your convenience. iTunes, Google podcasts, Castbox are some of the most popular ones. 

Throughout the years, it has become so popular that people of all ages have become obsessed with it. And I mean ALL ages. Even the kid next door has a podcast.

So, what is it about podcasts that makes people tune it, and more importantly, why should you consider starting one?

We don’t need no education

Or do we? Though you might be that kid who wants to be left alone, podcasts actually have some benefits. Traditional schooling systems are mostly boring and outdated, but podcasts bring new ideas and fresh perspective on things. The topic selection is endless, and as a supporter of lifelong learning, I must admit I frequently come across new things to learn.

What’s in it for you if you as a business? Well, a couple of things. 

  • You can research your area of expertise, identify the Diamonds that Shine the Craziest, a.k.a. the leaders, and see what they bring to the table
  • That gives you the ability to either expand on what they offer, or provide a completely different perspective
  • Collaborate with your colleagues, and get introduced to a new audience. It doesn’t have to be Us and Them, WE can grow as well.  

Is there anybody out there?

Starting out and building your following is the hardest. But having a platform such as a podcast enables you to build closer relationships with your audience. Think about it, instead of overly photoshopped photos, you can provide your audience with a safe place to exchange ideas and open up meaningful topics that haven’t been discussed about before. No longer will people feel like just Another Brick in The Wall, but like Heroes. Purposeful conversations vs endless scrolling? Just Keep Talking. 

Welcome to the machine

Let’s face it, The Happiest Days Of Our Lives when it comes to marketing your business were back in the Summer ’68. Seems a bit harsh, but most companies barely give Signs Of Life nowadays. You might be thinking, Not Now John, but trust me, if you don’t already have a podcast, you are one too late my friend. New, fresh ideas, good quality content, new channels and ways of getting and keeping customers attention are crucial for survival. 

Hey You, if you want to be Comfortably Numb, that’s fine with me, but if you wish your business to blossom, give podcasting a go. In case this text made you think about it even the slightest, (cue shameless promotion), subscribe to my newsletter here, you’ll get podcast news and help In The Flesh. 

#MayPod be with you ?